Quotes A reliable engines rely on an efficient cooling systems. A perfect cooling system operates at 65ºC radiator temperature. Compact, high compression, piston-cylinder contact efficiency, zero blow-by. Maximum combustion resulting with water at the tail pipe. Carbine?s Radiator Treatment Cooler product will remove rusts, prevents rusting of water pump, thermostat and other radiator components resulting in crystal clear water in the filler tank. Upon reaching 65ºC engine operating temperature, you will save significant amount of your fuel bills. Quotes
CARBINE New Product Development

Quotes Designed and formulated for formula 1 engines. The higher the oil pressure the better the engine efficiency. A higher oil pressure in the sump the cooler is the engine oil, the higher engine compression. Engine Gasket sealants is specially designed and formulated to seal engine sump gasket/s, reainforce oils seals and maintain high oil pressure. Quotes
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Engine Gasket Sealant

Quotes Engines with hydraulic tappet can fail because of particalates blocking the oil flow resulting ia a niosy clattering tappets noise due to poor service and neglect. The repair services is normally expensive replacement parts. Hydraulic Tappets Floshing oil is specially formulated decarbonizer chemicals to breakdown the carbon particulates and restores to normal engine operating condition at a fraction of the cost.. Quotes
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Hydraulic Tappet Flushing Oil.

Quotes To have a clean oil sump, is to remove, clean, and repace with new oil seal & gasket. Extra Flushing Oil is specially designed and formulated to remove oil, sludge, metals and other contaminants from the oil sump. The effitiveness will be evident by the weight differences of the oil filter. Quotes
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Extra Flushing Oil

Quotes TOPCHAMBER is a decarbinizer specislty chemicals to remove carbon formation at the combustion chamber, piston crown, cylinder valves assembli nd valves seatings. Designed and formulated to rapidly remove carbon through chemical reaction instead of physically scraping the carbon formation. Quotes
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Quotes Specially designed and formulated to increase the RON of fuels to promote optimum combustion. The composition tf the racing fuel comprise of Oxygenates catalyst, decarbonizers, lubrication, sealants and octane boosters. Quotes
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Racing Fuel Petrol Booster

Quotes BIO-DIESEL Catalyst was designed and developed in 1990 during the use of inferior D2 quality diesel in Malaysia. The result are heavy smog pollution especially at Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone, Penang. Penanang factory operates 24/7, three shifts per day transporting thousands of factory workers. Our Bio-deisel Catalyst product sgnificantly reduced the diesel exhaust emission by 63% (Report: Before Use 90Hsu. After Test 35HSU. Quotes
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Quotes TOPOVERHAUL - Upper cylinder enhancement. Top overhaul product was designed and develop in year 2000 to meet the needs of V10 formula engines. Quotes
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